Programming Team

“Brilliant and clever people make up the AFoI programming team.”

  • Sandy Verschoor

    Executive Producer

    Sandy has developed, fostered and promoted some of Adelaide’s richest cultural experiences. She’s addicted to learning and loves nothing better than an epiphany!...

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  • Anne Wiberg

    Associate Producer

    Anne Wiberg is passionate about music, arts and a life worth living. She works with arts festivals and organisations both in SA and interstate and continues to chair the board of Music SA....

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  • Dani Raymond

    Administration Coordinator

    Dani is an arts marketer and a festival tragic, with a keen interest in audience development and a (bizarre) love of spreadsheets. Recent recipients of Dani-love include Adelaide Film Festival, Adelaide Festival of Ideas and the Adelaide Fringe....

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  • Helen Richardson

    Volunteer editor

    In a former life, Helen was the senior government arts adviser who kept us all in check – now she applies herself (voluntarily) to the pursuit of excellent grammar!...

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  • Azusa Kyushiki

    Production & Volunteer Coordinator

    Azusa is a passionate young professional within the local performing arts events and festivals industry. She is on a journey to spread her love of arts with Adelaide audiences and create memorable experiences!...

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  • Belinda Petersen


    Belinda is the passionate PR Director of BPPR who loves nothing more than to see her clients plastered in neon lights on TV, radio, online and in print....

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