Jeff Speck’s Five Most Walkable Cities in the World

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When it comes to taking a stroll around town, Jeff Speck knows his stuff. The city planner, urban designer and author of Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time recently shared with the TEDx blog which cities he’s found to be the most delightful to explore on foot.

“These lists are silly and inevitably wrong, but here are the places that I’ve been to and that I’ve enjoyed walking around the most,” he said. Here’s hoping Adelaide can step into the top five following Jeff’s visit this October!

  • Venice, Italy. ”Proof that cities really are better without cars — also without (too many) tourists. To be avoided April through September.”
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands. ”Yes, I’ve got a thing for canals — and bicycles. Much safer once you’ve learned how to avoid stepping into either.”
  • Marrakech, Morocco. ”The one hitch to navigating this city’s bewildering medina is to know that, unlike almost everywhere else walkable, Arab urbanism includes dead ends — the result of families joining houses across streets.”
  • Antigua, Guatemala. ”Along with San Miguel de Allende (and Marrakech), it is a triumph of the Courtyard House type, so each doorway reveals a hidden world. Trespassers delight.”
  • Quebec City, Canada. ”In winter, it ties with New Orleans in summer. Proof that good urbanism begets walking whatever the weather.”

Jeff will appear at Breathing Life into our City’s Corners on Fri 18 Oct, 1pm at Freemasons Hall and will present The Walkability Imperative: Lessons Learnt from the American Experiment on Sat 19 Oct, 3pm at Bonython Hall.