C J Burrell AO

Chris Burrell was Professor of Virology at University of Adelaide 1986-2008, involved in basic research, medical diagnostic work, teaching and administration in the field of human virus infections. From 1985-2008 he was also Head of the Division of Medical Virology and later the Infectious Diseases Laboratories at the Institute for Veterinary and Medical Science.

Chris has authored or co-authored approximately 140 peer-reviewed papers or book chapters on hepatitis, papillomaviruses, and HIV (replication, gene therapy, cell tropism, and reservoirs). His work has advanced our understanding of the mechanism of infection of several important persistent virus infections of man. His team were the first to clone hepatitis B virus (HBV), defined parameters of HBV infection in human liver, and developed methods to control the spread of hepatitis B infection particularly within hospitals. He used similar approaches to clarify the association between human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and anogenital cancers. His work also defined in detail the early stages of the replication cycle of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), providing groundwork for future possible antiviral therapies.

In his spare time, Chris pursues his passion for classical music, having for many years curated the highly-regarded Coriole Music Festival.