Dr. Heather Robinson

Heather was the Executive Producer 2016 and has over 20 years of curatorial, event and project development experience in the arts and cultural industries across Australia, in roles ranging with both the State Library and National Gallery of Victoria and the Perth International Arts. In 2013 she was Associate Director with The Adelaide Festival of Ideas.

Stepping away from the coalface, in 2014 Heather commenced a PhD at Flinders University, where she is applying her experience to solve the challenges arts institutions face when required to identify and establish the value and role of culture in the 21st Century. This research, presented as a case study of the State Library of South Australia, contributes to an ARC-funded Laboratory Adelaide project that is examining the intangible values of culture. Robinson is also an Honorary Research Associate at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. This enables her to continue pursuing silent film history for a biography of forgotten Hollywood actress and Melbourne identity, Claire Adams Mackinnon. Robinson has published film and visual arts reviews and spends most weekends either wrangling her garden in the Hills or actively supporting the local wine and cheese industries or both.

Heather’s profile on The Conversation