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  • "I'm still dining on stories from my few days at your wonderful festival – which caused me firstly to feel hungry, and then to think that the "FoI is like a Bento box for the mind!".  This was so scarily familiar that I did a search on the expression but couldn't find a reference (on Google at least).  I'm still not sure if it's original, but it sounds good (and makes be hungry)."

    Prof. Tim Senden

  • "The Adelaide Festival of Ideas holds the space for divergent views to exist so new pathways of ingenuity can be created. I loved the insights gained from peaking into other minds and combining these ideas with existing knowledge to create new, higher forms of wisdom."

    Kristina Dryza

  • "The Adelaide Festival of Ideas is truly an intellectual feast in which the sciences, technology, the humanities, politics, economics and futurology are melded in a heady mix. Some of the great issues of our time were exposed, debated and analyzed, often with stimulating disagreement, in a congenial setting. Our society is driven by ideas, and the very notion of a Festival that celebrates yet criticizes ideas represents the finest tradition of public engagement. Keep up the good work!"

    Prof. Paul Davies

  • "Having grown up in Adelaide, I welcomed the advent of the Festival of Ideas as a good sign of my hometown’s intellectual capacity. This year I detected some extra oomph. Even though the panel I was part of was towards the very end of a very warm day, there was a big crowd for our discussion about Art and its financial returns, and there appeared to be a terrific energy… All good signs."

    Robyn Archer

  • "The Adelaide Festival of Ideas is a space where ideas are not just articulated, they come to life. The event brings together people committed to courageous, compelling and, occasionally, audacious modes of inquiry. If you want to be poked, prodded and inspired, this is the place to be."

    P. Simran Sethi

  • "This year's event was excellent and confirmed my wholehearted support for Adelaide, Festivals and, in combination with those two things only, Ideas. I'd love to be a part of it again. And next time I'll bring an idea."

    Julian Morrow

  • "The Adelaide Festival of Ideas was the perfect place for a lunatic like me to blurt. I debuted my show there & met other strange minds. Thank you!"

    John Safran

  • "I'd been living abroad for a year just prior to participating in the Adelaide Festival of Ideas and I can't imagine a better home coming. Being instantly surrounded by a community of participants, eager to engage with ideas, was enough to make me wonder why I ever left."

    Peter Drew

  • "Coming to Adelaide always feels like coming home. At this year's Festival of Ideas, [it was] one of the most thoughtful audiences I have ever had the pleasure to be with.  I felt a strong involvement with everyone as questions and statements wove their way through our minds and hearts, finding camaraderie amongst us and stimulation in new ideas.  Many thanks for asking me - it was a stimulating experience."

    Anne Deveson

  • "The Adelaide Festival of Ideas was a groundbreaking convergence of creative ideas and public conversations that continues to give Adelaide an opportunity to lead important and provocative discussions."

    Prof. Larissa Behrendt

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