2016 | Make or Break

Will we make walls or break them down? Will we make a stand, or break our backs in the process? In making the future, will we break with the past? Make it or break it? We need new ideas, challenging ideas, ideas backed with evidence and experience, ideas built on wisdom and insight. Make or break? The choice is ours, the ideas are ours. The unique dynamic of the Adelaide Festival of Ideas is an essential path to our future.

Welcome to the 2016 Adelaide Festival of Ideas. Our theme resonates on many levels.

If it were not for the generosity of both long time Adelaide Festival of Ideas (AFoI) partners and of new friends who share our belief that ideas and imagination, conversation and debate are essential to a civil society and a healthy democracy, this festival would have disappeared. AFoI 2016 is truly a ‘make or break’ e ort. We have around 70 guests and 48 sessions – a feast for your synapses. True to our heritage, most of the program remains free – we respect and engage with you as citizens rather than as customers. Ideas are not dangerous – the suppression of them certainly is!

On behalf of my fellow board members, heartfelt thanks to all our guests, our volunteers and our incredible production crew – all of whom are ‘giving it up’ for the cause. And none of this would have been possible without the generous cash and value in-kind support that we have received from our partners, donors and sponsors. Please take a look and remember that these organisations are deserving of our appreciation and support. AFoI also acknowledges that our 2016 festival sits at the heart of Open State – a program of conferences and events that celebrate the place of citizen innovation and renewal.

Finally – a special thanks to Executive Producer, Heather Robinson, and Program Convenor, Ian Gibbins. Your time, energy, intelligence and passion are an inspiration.
For your AFoI to be sustainable, what we have given up for love in 2016 deserves to be annual, and we believe that core public funding should be reinstated. We look forward to that conversation, and invite your own participation as citizens and as supporters.

I commend this 2016 Adelaide Festival of Ideas program to you. Prepare to be challenged!

Greg Mackie OAM
Founder and Chairman Adelaide Festival of Ideas Inc.

Printable Program

Download the program for details on speakers, sessions, partners and more.