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    Free event

    As everything changes

    When: at 10am

    Where: Bonython Hall

    Speakers: Nick Drake, Prof Raimond Gaita

    Who are we and what really matters?
    Join a moral philosopher and a poet in conversation as they discuss their journeys out of familiar worlds and into wild landscapes and environments that hold up a confronting mirror to ourselves, to our humanity, our ethics and therefore to our politics.


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    Free event

    Joan of Arc

    When: at 11:15AM

    Where: Hetzel Theatre

    Speakers: Nick Drake, Prof Raimond Gaita, Dr Ali Alizadeh

    Or how to be a revolutionary.
    Is the contemporary individual too caught up in the anxieties of identity to become a genuine agent of change and transformation? In a world smothered by individual interests and dominant ideology masquerading as ‘ethical’ and ‘communal’, the extraordinary Joan of Arc, a true radical, can teach us how to become revolutionaries.

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    Free event

    Democratising history?

    When: at 2:30PM

    Where: Open State Hub

    Speakers: Nick Drake, Prof Raimond Gaita, Dr Ali Alizadeh, Dr Nick Brodie

    What role does history play in Australian democracy? Who are its gatekeepers? Is the ivory tower besieged, in ruins, or projecting strength? Is the digital age heralding a new era of informed citizens? Are ‘twitterstorians’ a distraction? Can historians ever predict the future?

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