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    Joan of Arc

    When: at 11:15AM

    Where: Hetzel Theatre

    Speakers: Dr Ali Alizadeh

    Or how to be a revolutionary.
    Is the contemporary individual too caught up in the anxieties of identity to become a genuine agent of change and transformation? In a world smothered by individual interests and dominant ideology masquerading as ‘ethical’ and ‘communal’, the extraordinary Joan of Arc, a true radical, can teach us how to become revolutionaries.

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    Flinders Investigator Lecture: Democracy’s new challenge

    When: at 6PM

    Where: Adelaide Convention Centre

    Speakers: Dr Ali Alizadeh, Jeffrey Bleich

    Runaway technology and walk-away government.
    Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, with the great opportunities and challenges this entails. However, democracies, designed for predictable and deliberate change, are overwhelmed by this digital disruption, producing a public backlash in elections around the world. Reframing public debate around technology and government is critical to restoring healthy democracies, and developing nimble and effective modern government.


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