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    Our cities of the future

    When: at 4PM

    Where: Elder Hall

    Speakers: Marion Terrill

    Over the next generation, we will see driverless cars, seamless public transport that goes everywhere at all hours, and automated freight management. Shouldn’t we be laying down the infrastructure now? This session will highlight research on government investment in transport infrastructure and how governments should make better decisions now to prepare for this vision of our future.

    Unfortunately Marion Terrill needed to cancel her appearance at the Festival, so no audio for this session.

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    The inaugural University of South Australia Enterprise Oration

    When: at 12.30PM

    Where: Allan Scott Auditorium

    Speakers: Marion Terrill, Dr José Ramos, Dr Bridgette Engeler, Dr Kristin Alford

    New futures need new skills, but should we think about the skills we need to create different futures? How do we interrogate future projections critically? How do we find alternatives to capitalism and globalisation? How do we design a world we can believe in?


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