Immunising ignorance, curing complacency.
From common colds to cancer and newly emergent deadly viruses, illness aflicts millions of humans at a time. How can we repel the tide of micro-organisms, genetic errors and plain bad luck? Could we ever eliminate disease entirely?

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    The future

    When: Saturday 22 October at 12:45PM

    Where: Open State Hub

    Speakers: Dr Fiona Kerr

    Will we shape or be shaped?
    Direct human connection is critical to fostering an empathic framework for building our thoughts, decisions, relationships, culture and society. How do we craft a future that maintains connections while leveraging technological advancement and ensuring the goals and uses of Artificial Intelligence remain human-centric?

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    Resistance and persistence

    When: Saturday 22 October at 2:30PM

    Where: Open State Hub

    Speakers: Dr Pallave Dasari, Prof Sarah Robertson, Prof Alex Brown, Prof Steve Wesselingh

    Will we ever see the end of disease? Can the social inequities in health ever be eliminated? If not, what does the future of medicine look like? What might ‘good health’ mean to the next generation?

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    Ageing well

    When: Sunday 23 October at 2:30PM

    Where: Elder Hall

    Speakers: Dr Victoria Cornell, Gabrielle Kelly

    What do we really want?
    Most of us will get old; we may well become frail and socially isolated. But many will live long productive lives. So what do we want as we age? Lifestyle? Health? Community? Income? Who decides? Who should decide?

    Presented by: STATEWIDE SUPER

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