The 21st Century: How much water, how many people?

Water Wars: the geopolitics of water

This panel session was recorded for broadcast on ABC Radio National Late Night Live.

Mad Cows, GMOs and Food Cultures: Sustainability and Food Security in the context of globalisation.

What a magician taught me about politics – The AFoI Opening Oration and dedication

How political debate, from the local to the global, is confused and controlled by conjuring.
This event will be one of the few opportunities Phillip has to speak his mind at a point in his career when he has given platforms to so many people’s ideas, beliefs and ideals. The 2016 AFoI dedication to Phillip will be delivered by Barry Jones.

Six big ideas for social innovation

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation is a unique South Australian experiment to accelerate social progress by exploring new ways of tackling intractable social issues. Here, TACSI presents the big ideas driving their work in ageing, disability and child protection: think differently about home, open-sourced services, an intergenerational perspective on social problem solving, and peers as the new professionals.

Tipping points for success

Future economies will depend on the talents, energy and imagination of younger business people, entrepreneurs and agents of change. What are the tipping points that determine the success or failure of a new venture? How can a new generation successfully drive innovative enterprise in a pre-existing system?

Value. Money. Culture.

What is culture worth? Can we put a price on it? Should we? And if we do, what are the consequences for artists and the so-called creative industries? From economic policy to the cultural sector, what does it take to survive in the arts today?

Catalysing collective intelligence

How we can catalyse the collective intelligence required to address the unprecedented global challenges before us? The Buckminster Fuller Institute accelerates the development of solutions by encouraging participants to conceive and apply transformative strategies based on whole systems thinking, Nature’s fundamental principles, and an ethically driven worldview.

Ageing well

What do we really want?
Most of us will get old; we may well become frail and socially isolated. But many will live long productive lives. So what do we want as we age? Lifestyle? Health? Community? Income? Who decides? Who should decide?

Dame Roma Mitchell Oration: What would Roma say?

Dame Roma Mitchell died almost 16 years ago. If she could speak to us today, what might she say about the current state of human rights in Australia? For example, our treatment of refugees and asylum seekers; the incarceration rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders; freedom of speech; domestic violence; women in the legal profession, equal pay and same-sex marriage?