Tag: biodiversity

    Free event

    The Orange Catastrophe

    When: Saturday 22 October at 10AM

    Where: Elder Hall

    Speakers: Prof David Mabberley

    The world citrus industry could well collapse in the coming years. The history of the devastating disease responsible for this is explained in view of what this means for the sustainability of agricultural exports as well as native biodiversity in Australia on the one hand, and the frightening reliance of humanity on a minute range of the world’s plant resources on the other.

    Please note: permission to record this session was not granted

    Presented by: BOTANIC GARDENS SA

    Free event

    The Graeme Hugo Memorial Lecture: The future of humanity does not look good

    When: Sunday 23 October at 11:15AM

    Where: Bonython Hall

    Speakers: Prof David Mabberley, Prof Paul James

    We have reached a stage in history where we have the capacity to fracture the liveability of this planet, at least for us humans. Increasing global mobility is breaking up communities and places. Intensifying globalization is rendering economics and politics more tumultuous. And climate change will cause increasing chaos. This talk maps the patterns of transformation and makes some hopeful suggestions for alternative pathways.


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