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    Free event

    Ideas Whose Time Has Come: from Cosmology to Cancer

    When: at 6:30pm

    Where: Freemasons Main Hall

    Speakers: Paul Davies

    From dark energy to the Higgs boson, from cancer folklore to synthetic biology: great ideas often languish in obscurity until, decades later, they burst into relevance. World-renowned physicist, best-selling author, and 2013 Adelaide Festival of Ideas dedicatee, Professor Paul Davies, shares some of the more exciting and significant examples that revolutionising science today, and asks: “what else lies in the dusty storehouse of human ideas that may yet transform our future”? In this enlightening presentation, he traverses the spaces between cosmology, computation and information theory, and cell biology to propose a unique view on the way cancer could be understood and ultimately treated. Following the talk, Prof Davies engages in fascinating conversation with Phillip Adams. Introduction to the session by Robert Phiddian, Chair of the AFOI Advisory Committee.

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    Free event

    Smart money

    When: at 12.45PM

    Where: Elder Hall

    Speakers: Paul Davies, Mark Pesce

    One of Australia’s best known specialists in all things digital, Mark Pesce will provide a non-technical introduction to the blockchain. He then explores how blockchain will completely transform the economy – money and everything money touches – over the next twenty years.

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