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    Free event

    Athenian Democracy

    When: at 10AM

    Where: Open State Hub

    Speakers: Nicholas Gruen

    Could citizens’ juries and a citizen chamber be a simple solution to a complex problem? Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump have humiliated political elites. But we led the pack in 2013 when the elites in Australia’s Parliament humiliated themselves – abolishing carbon pricing when most parliamentarians understood the folly of doing so. Why? Because of the imperatives of political combat in our vox pop democracy. With the political-infotainment complex degrading representative politics, creating space for ordinary people to influence our politics at every level could see our democracy reborn.

    Due to technical problems, the audio recording for this session is not immediately available. We’ll aim to provide it post-festival, after some tlc.


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    Free event

    Democratising history?

    When: at 2:30PM

    Where: Open State Hub

    Speakers: Nicholas Gruen, Dr Nick Brodie

    What role does history play in Australian democracy? Who are its gatekeepers? Is the ivory tower besieged, in ruins, or projecting strength? Is the digital age heralding a new era of informed citizens? Are ‘twitterstorians’ a distraction? Can historians ever predict the future?

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    What a magician taught me about politics – The AFoI Opening Oration and dedication

    When: at 7.30PM

    Where: Bonython Hall

    Speakers: Nicholas Gruen, Dr Nick Brodie, Phillip Adams, Prof Barry Jones

    How political debate, from the local to the global, is confused and controlled by conjuring.
    This event will be one of the few opportunities Phillip has to speak his mind at a point in his career when he has given platforms to so many people’s ideas, beliefs and ideals. The 2016 AFoI dedication to Phillip will be delivered by Barry Jones.

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