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    Free event

    The Joy MacLennan Oration: Resilience

    When: at 10:00am

    Where: Elder Hall

    Speakers: Anne Deveson

    In wide-ranging discussion with Julianne Siggins from Anglicare, and members of the audience, Anne Deveson explores the idea of resilience, from her own personal experience in her family, as well as her long career in journalism, writing and film-making. What does resilience actually mean? How can you develop it? Who can you rely on when the going gets tough?

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    Free event

    Sleepwalking to the future

    When: at 10AM

    Where: Bonython Hall

    Speakers: Anne Deveson, Prof Justin O’Connor

    Why Australia needs a cultural policy.
    Australia is surrounded by a world in transformation but is refusing to face up to it. Neo-liberalism is collapsing around us. Manufacturing and mining are in decline, with agriculture a minor sector. Culture has, at the federal level, been reduced to a rump of state-funded elite arts happy to see their poorer colleagues go under. Justin will propose a way for culture to articulate a new sense of the change beyond ‘disruptive innovation’, and allow us to reimagine the future.


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