Bettison and James Oration: 25zero

When: 1pm - 1.50pm | Sunday 15 July 2018


Presented by The Jim Bettison and Helen James Foundation

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Sign language
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Free event — Make sure you arrive a bit early to get the best seat! There’s no registration required.

Climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity. Melting glacial ice is one of the clearest indicators of this complex issue. Nowhere is it more apparent than where you’d least expect to find ice – at the equator, where there are only 25 mountains with glaciers. Within a quarter of a century, these glaciers will be gone. Put simply: 25 mountains. Zero latitude. 25 years. Zero ice. 25 zero. Tim Jarvis was the recipient of the Bettison and James award in 2017.