D0-Tank – helping good ideas happen

Date: 4:00 pm | Saturday 8 October 2011

Venue: RiAus Auditorium

Do-Tank is the action oriented version of a think-tank. Led by environmental scientist and adventurer Tim Jarvis with the support of RiAus and Arup, this enterprise combines a passion for environmental issues with avenues for action.

Do-Tank sits beyond the concepts, and actively explores ways in which we as individuals can identify challenges, present our ideas to the community, search for partners and achieve real change.

By supporting and nurturing people with innovative solutions, the Do-Tank creates the frameworks for action and impact on the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

Join Tim Jarvis as he shares his vision for Do-Tank and explains the ways in which all of us can turn good ideas into active global solutions.


D0-Tank – helping good ideas happen

This session is proudly presented by RiAus in conjunction with the Adelaide Festival of Ideas.

  • Wheelchair accessible