Art = Ideas,

Throw the dice

Date: Friday 13 July, Saturday 14 July, Sunday 15 July 2018

Venue: Kerry Packer Gallery

This exhibition features artworks by eight artists who attend workshops run by Neami National, an organisation supporting people living with mental health issues to live independently. Curator Elyas Alavi recognises how art develops self-awareness and self-esteem and gives a voice to feelings not always easily expressed in words.

The Adelaide Festival of Ideas and The Hawke Centre’s Kerry Packer Civic Gallery are proud to present this exhibition, curated by Elyas Alavi and with the support of Neami National.

Kerry Packer Civic Gallery opening hours

Daily 9am — 5pm
Thursday 9am — 7pm

Free event — Make sure you arrive a bit early to get the best seat! There’s no registration required.

  • Wheelchair accessible