Value. Money. Culture.

What is culture worth? Can we put a price on it? Should we? And if we do, what are the consequences for artists and the so-called creative industries? From economic policy to the cultural sector, what does it take to survive in the arts today?

The case for nonsense

A century ago, in Cabaret Voltaire, a subversive anti-art movement was founded in response to the devastation of what would be World War I. Dadaism used absurdity and irrationality to critique the unreasonable politics of the time. On Dada’s 100th anniversary, we embrace the irrational as productive political space.


For some of us home is a physical shelter, an asset, a source of comfort, identity and belonging. For others the scene of a crime, of nightmares and a point of no return. In changing times, with people on the move, displaced and disenfranchised, we ask the poets, the travellers,...

Thinking brains and bodies

Distributed cognition and dynamic memory in Australian Dance Theatre. Supported by an ARC Linkage Project, in 2014 a team of international researchers began a three-year investigation to understand the nature of distributed and dynamic thinking in dance by investigating creative processes, memory and expertise.