gender politics

Dame Roma Mitchell Oration: What would Roma say?

Dame Roma Mitchell died almost 16 years ago. If she could speak to us today, what might she say about the current state of human rights in Australia? For example, our treatment of refugees and asylum seekers; the incarceration rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders; freedom of speech;...

Innovation in ageing

A world tour We take you on a virtual world tour, exploring some of the best innovations in ageing from around the globe. Whilst listening to the audio, you can click on these links to see some of the initiatives discussed: Money for Jam can.com.br Babayaga’s House The Groundswell...

Making better cities

Women are under-represented in town halls across the country. Except in the City of Adelaide, where half of current elected members are women. South Australia is also home to the nation’s first female Government Architect. What’s going on in Adelaide? Something in the water?