local government

Water Wars: the geopolitics of water

This panel session was recorded for broadcast on ABC Radio National Late Night Live.

Youth lead the change

With the financial crisis of 2008 having seen youth unemployment rise to alarming levels, the City Government of Boston has taken a radical approach to youth engagement, not only asking young people what they want to happen in their city, but providing US$1 million for them to put towards...

Town halls for mass collaborative innovation

Co-working for social change is a growing phenomenon. Greater numbers of innovators are co-locating to maximise success and drive meaningful change. This future means public good will come from unleashing and democratising the power to co-create our society. We need to create a new model of governance, participation and...

The inaugural University of South Australia Enterprise Oration

New futures need new skills, but should we think about the skills we need to create different futures? How do we interrogate future projections critically? How do we find alternatives to capitalism and globalisation? How do we design a world we can believe in?

Making better cities

Women are under-represented in town halls across the country. Except in the City of Adelaide, where half of current elected members are women. South Australia is also home to the nation’s first female Government Architect. What’s going on in Adelaide? Something in the water?