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    Free event

    A New Democracy: A Citizen’s Jury

    When: at 10:00am

    Where: Sam Jacobs Room

    Speakers: Iain Walker

    Introduced by Professor of Law, John Williams, Iain Walker takes us through an entertaining exploration of the theory and practice of citizens’ juries. What works? What doesn’t? Why? A lively disscussion with the audience follows the talk.

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    Free event

    Athenian Democracy

    When: at 10AM

    Where: Open State Hub

    Speakers: Iain Walker, Nicholas Gruen

    Could citizens’ juries and a citizen chamber be a simple solution to a complex problem? Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump have humiliated political elites. But we led the pack in 2013 when the elites in Australia’s Parliament humiliated themselves – abolishing carbon pricing when most parliamentarians understood the folly of doing so. Why? Because of the imperatives of political combat in our vox pop democracy. With the political-infotainment complex degrading representative politics, creating space for ordinary people to influence our politics at every level could see our democracy reborn.

    Due to technical problems, the audio recording for this session is not immediately available. We’ll aim to provide it post-festival, after some tlc.


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