Immortality …Reality?

Date: 1:30 pm | Saturday 8 October 2011

Venue: Adelaide Town Hall

Cambridge researcher Aubrey de Grey believes the first human to live to 150 has already been born, and the first human to live to 1000 will probably be born within 20 Years. Is it really possible to live to 1000? But more importantly – would you want to?

Human cells can divide a limited number of times before their DNA becomes corrupt, but could advances in genetic technology allow cells to divide infinitely?

Hosted by Paul Willis, RiAus Director & ABC Catalyst presenter, our expert panel will discuss the implications for our bodies, minds and society.

Would you want to be immortal?


Immortality …Reality?

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This session is proudly presented by RiAus in conjunction with the Adelaide Festival of Ideas.

  • Wheelchair accessible