decision making

Tipping points for success

Future economies will depend on the talents, energy and imagination of younger business people, entrepreneurs and agents of change. What are the tipping points that determine the success or failure of a new venture? How can a new generation successfully drive innovative enterprise in a pre-existing system?

Reinvent, rediscover and have a voice

What do startups, not-for-profits and baby boomers have in common? As the baby boomer generation moves into the next stage of life, getting older becomes disrupted. Retirement is out and people over 60 are running for president, creating new enterprises and taking on leading roles. For those who want to...

The inaugural University of South Australia Enterprise Oration

New futures need new skills, but should we think about the skills we need to create different futures? How do we interrogate future projections critically? How do we find alternatives to capitalism and globalisation? How do we design a world we can believe in?

Australia: beyond now

A national invitation to co-imagine alternative futures. This initiative will ignite a conversation about our future. A collaboration between the University of South Australia and the Tingari-Silverton Foundation, it will invite Australians to explore and co-imagine the best possible future. It will ask the question: as a continent, a...

A New Democracy: A Citizen’s Jury

Introduced by Professor of Law, John Williams, Iain Walker takes us through an entertaining exploration of the theory and practice of citizens’ juries. What works? What doesn’t? Why? A lively disscussion with the audience follows the talk.