Flinders Investigator Lecture: Democracy’s new challenge

Runaway technology and walk-away government. Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, with the great opportunities and challenges this entails. However, democracies, designed for predictable and deliberate change, are overwhelmed by this digital disruption, producing a public backlash in elections around the world. Reframing public debate around technology and...

Six big ideas for social innovation

The Australian Centre for Social Innovation is a unique South Australian experiment to accelerate social progress by exploring new ways of tackling intractable social issues. Here, TACSI presents the big ideas driving their work in ageing, disability and child protection: think differently about home, open-sourced services, an intergenerational perspective...

Catalysing collective intelligence

How we can catalyse the collective intelligence required to address the unprecedented global challenges before us? The Buckminster Fuller Institute accelerates the development of solutions by encouraging participants to conceive and apply transformative strategies based on whole systems thinking, Nature’s fundamental principles, and an ethically driven worldview.

Links in the blockchain

Blockchain technology is a whole new way of transacting the transfer of information. What will be the specific impacts of blockchain technologies on different fields such as education, health care, government and the commercial world?

Shifting from an extractive value regime to a (re-)generative value regime

We are in the final decades of a value regime based on unsustainable extraction of rare global resources. This is an unprecedented challenge in the history of our world, since previous crises were limited in geographic scope. Many question whether we can pull it off. But hundreds of thousands of...

Thinking Adelaide

A passion for connecting and collecting. Greg was the inaugural recipient of the Jim Bettison and Helen James Foundation Award, given to an individual whose lifetime work is of significant value and benefit to the community. Greg will present his ideas for ‘Thinking Adelaide’, a global network of thought...

Town halls for mass collaborative innovation

Co-working for social change is a growing phenomenon. Greater numbers of innovators are co-locating to maximise success and drive meaningful change. This future means public good will come from unleashing and democratising the power to co-create our society. We need to create a new model of governance, participation and...

Thinking brains and bodies

Distributed cognition and dynamic memory in Australian Dance Theatre. Supported by an ARC Linkage Project, in 2014 a team of international researchers began a three-year investigation to understand the nature of distributed and dynamic thinking in dance by investigating creative processes, memory and expertise.

The future

Will we shape or be shaped? Direct human connection is critical to fostering an empathic framework for building our thoughts, decisions, relationships, culture and society. How do we craft a future that maintains connections while leveraging technological advancement and ensuring the goals and uses of Artificial Intelligence remain human-centric?

New lives for older people

With people living longer than ever before, what are the opportunities and challenges as we age in the 21st century?