Humanity is a verb

Our humanity is not given to us once and for all, as species membership is, but something to which each of us is called upon to rise, unendingly, even if we lived a thousand years. That’s not a statement of fact: it’s an affirmation. Raimond Gaita explores its moral and...

20th Don Dunstan Oration: The Courage Party?

Climbing out of the political abyss. Australia is in a political abyss. How do we climb out of it? Do we need a ‘Courage Party’ to address major long term issues, such as refugees, climate change and taxation? Download a PDF of this oration

Innovation in ageing

A world tour We take you on a virtual world tour, exploring some of the best innovations in ageing from around the globe. Whilst listening to the audio, you can click on these links to see some of the initiatives discussed: Money for Jam can.com.br Babayaga’s House The Groundswell...