The case for nonsense

A century ago, in Cabaret Voltaire, a subversive anti-art movement was founded in response to the devastation of what would be World War I. Dadaism used absurdity and irrationality to critique the unreasonable politics of the time. On Dada’s 100th anniversary, we embrace the irrational as productive political space.

As everything changes

Who are we and what really matters? Join a moral philosopher and a poet in conversation as they discuss their journeys out of familiar worlds and into wild landscapes and environments that hold up a confronting mirror to ourselves, to our humanity, our ethics and therefore to our politics.


For some of us home is a physical shelter, an asset, a source of comfort, identity and belonging. For others the scene of a crime, of nightmares and a point of no return. In changing times, with people on the move, displaced and disenfranchised, we ask the poets, the travellers,...

Humanity is a verb

Our humanity is not given to us once and for all, as species membership is, but something to which each of us is called upon to rise, unendingly, even if we lived a thousand years. That’s not a statement of fact: it’s an affirmation. Raimond Gaita explores its moral and...

Ideas Whose Time Has Come: from Cosmology to Cancer

From dark energy to the Higgs boson, from cancer folklore to synthetic biology: great ideas often languish in obscurity until, decades later, they burst into relevance. World-renowned physicist, best-selling author, and 2013 Adelaide Festival of Ideas dedicatee, Professor Paul Davies, shares some of the more exciting and significant examples...