Tag: policy

    Intercultural futures

    When: Saturday 22 October at 4PM

    Where: Hetzel Theatre

    Speakers: Dr Amrita Malhi

    Australian identity in the Asian century.
    As Australia’s national interests become increasingly bound up with the future of Asia, it seems a good time to examine how comfortable we really are with cultural diversity. How do contemporary policies hold up as Australia becomes increasingly diverse, and more integrated in a transforming, region?

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    Roads to ruin, pathways to prosperity

    When: Saturday 22 October at 5:15PM

    Where: Open State Hub

    Speakers: Dr Amrita Malhi, Prof John Spoehr

    South Australia came through the global financial crisis in much better shape than expected. We weathered the global economic storm but the high Australian dollar was a wrecking ball on manufacturing, and collapsing commodity prices ended the mining boom. Now we face closure of the automotive manufacturing industry and perhaps our steel industry. All this threatens to plunge South Australia into economic stagnation and rising unemployment. We know how to avoid this, but will we?

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    The Graeme Hugo Memorial Lecture: The future of humanity does not look good

    When: Sunday 23 October at 11:15AM

    Where: Bonython Hall

    Speakers: Dr Amrita Malhi, Prof John Spoehr, Prof Paul James

    We have reached a stage in history where we have the capacity to fracture the liveability of this planet, at least for us humans. Increasing global mobility is breaking up communities and places. Intensifying globalization is rendering economics and politics more tumultuous. And climate change will cause increasing chaos. This talk maps the patterns of transformation and makes some hopeful suggestions for alternative pathways.


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    Who’s leading our energy transition?

    When: Sunday 23 October at 11:15AM

    Where: Elder Hall

    Speakers: Dr Amrita Malhi, Prof John Spoehr, Prof Paul James, Heather Smith

    clclimAround the world, a community energy revolution is underway. Citizens are having varied success in provoking change within the energy regimes of their countries. Energy companies, governments and regulators are operating under one paradigm while citizens demand another. South Australia is at a critical point in its transition to a renewable energy future but will it take a citizen-led uprising to get us where we need to go?

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