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These events are all free to attend, however you may need to reserve tickets beforehand.

Special event,

AFoI 2018 Keynote: Freedom and democracy: observations of a freelance artist

6.30pm - 7.30pm | Thursday 12 July

Bertolt Brecht’s 1947 poem The anachronistic procession, or Freedom and democracy provokes Robyn’s interrogation of the status of these two ideas from a cultural perspective. While ‘cultural democracy’ is on the rise, enthusiasm for social and political democracy wanes worldwide. It's assumed that we have freedom and democracy, but do we? And if so, how do we qualify those ideas?


ThincLab: Mindful Networking

8 - 9am(Yoga) & 9 - 10am(Panel) | Friday 13 July

Join ThincLab for yoga at 8am followed by a panel session at 9am discussing ‘healthy habits for entrepreneurs’.

Solo event,

Blockchain: beyond the hype

11am - 11.50am | Friday 13 July

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In conversation,

The radical ideas that created South Australia

11.30am - 12.20pm | Friday 13 July

Jeremy Bentham was an early advocate for universal suffrage, economic and religious freedom, gender equality, abolition of slavery, decriminalisation of homosexuality, and animal rights. Just before his death in 1832, he wrote an innovative proposal to establish South Australia. It was based on a public-private partnership involving free settlers.


AICSA Forum – A life in the arts: for love or money?

12pm - 1.30pm | Friday 13 July

If artists are true entrepreneurs, finding opportunities and securing investment and an audience for their work, why aren’t they valued more in our society? How can they build successful careers, become financially sustainable and be recognised for their contribution? Are artists pursuing their craft for love or for money?

Special event,

Behind Closed Doors: Networking lunch and learn

12:30pm - 2:30pm | Friday 13 July

How is the narrative on modern ageing evolving? What possibilities and challenges does the global ageing phenomenon offer? Examine the role that entrepreneurs play in serving this new sector’s needs. Discover how SA leads the way at driving the direction for modern ageing. A great opportunity to network, over a light lunch, with like-minded business women and an amazing speaker.