ThincLab: Mindful Networking

8 - 9am(Yoga) & 9 - 10am(Panel) | Friday 13 July

Join ThincLab for yoga at 8am followed by a panel session at 9am discussing ‘healthy habits for entrepreneurs’.


Big Change? The place of place

10.30am - 11.20am | Saturday 14 July

What does it take to make ‘big change’ happen? TACSI have been giving ‘big change’ a red hot go in Australia –  to reduce unemployment, to give kids a great start, to reduce recidivism,  to address Aboriginal over representation in the justice system, to build economic futures for towns and to rethink how we live as we age.


Match Tournament

4pm - 6pm | Friday 13 July

A fast-paced evening packed full of ideas about how local governments and communities can think differently about ageing. Hear from interdisciplinary teams as they pitch their ideas in the hope of winning a trip to Copenhagen as a part of the UniSA Match Tournament.



10.30am - 11.20am | Sunday 15 July

Join Nina and Jane for a gloves-off discussion on where next for the #metoo campaign. Has anything really changed? Are women’s voices really being heard? Are the media still prioritising men’s voices?


Second-hand Rose: living in the land of borrowed identity crisis

2pm - 2.50pm | Saturday 14 July

National identity is a peculiarly post-colonial obsession. We want to be different and seem so to the world. Yet our terminology is largely second hand, shaped by the junk language of managerialism, government whim or academic fashion. Will Australians ever use our own words to describe our own conditions?


Parent guilt

1pm - 1.50pm | Sunday 15 July

We all suffer from it, don’t we? But does it make us better parents or produce questionable behaviours? Join a scientist, musician and psychiatrist for this no-holds-barred discussion peppered with amusing anecdotes and some proper science!


Can big data help you age well?

1pm - 1.50pm | Saturday 14 July

How can those working with big data be influenced by what matters most to you? Leaders from successful national and regional registries and computer scientists discuss how big data can influence your health and well-being by informing clinicians, health care providers, and aged care providers about you.


3Ps of social enterprise: purpose, passion and people

4pm - 4.50pm | Friday 13 July

Join this panel of amazing social entrepreneurs who are successfully changing the world, one business at a time. Driven by passion, matching business acumen to purpose, and determined to make a difference to the lives of those who need it most.


The art of redemption

11.30am - 12.20pm|10.30am - 11am | Saturday 14 July

Does art-making have the potential to make the process of change visible to others – whether through dealing with mental health issues, or developing activities that can help prisoners to cope? Can art be a way to create a positive dialogue characterised by gratitude, support, encouragement and mutual learning?


A case to answer

11.30am - 12.20pm | Sunday 15 July

What can we learn from the most extreme situation? For the first time in 25 years, we’ve brought together the defence and prosecution from Australia’s European war crimes trials. QCs Michael David and Lindy Powell for the defence and war crimes investigator Graham Blewitt join author David Bevan.