Barbara Hardy Oration: Our future energy supply

4pm - 4.50pm | Saturday 14 July

With escalating energy costs, uncertainty in energy supply reliability and security, and the need to halt greenhouse gas emissions, the energy supply industry is at a crossroad. This panel presentation will consider the questions: Can we move to a zero carbon future? What does tomorrow’s smart grid look like? And what innovations are being developed at UniSA to help reach this goal?


Bettison and James Oration: 25zero

1pm - 1.50pm | Sunday 15 July

Climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity. Melting glacial ice is one of the clearest indicators of this complex issue. Nowhere is it more apparent than where you’d least expect to find ice – at the equator, where there are only 25 mountains with glaciers. Within a quarter of a century, these glaciers will be gone. Put simply: 25 mountains. Zero latitude. 25 years. Zero ice. 25 zero. Tim Jarvis was the recipient of the Bettison and James award in 2017.


Graeme Hugo Memorial Lecture: Does migration drive up house prices?

1pm - 1.50pm | Saturday 14 July

Housing has become unaffordable in many developed countries – in Australia perhaps more so than in others. A particularly evocative explanation is that the volume of immigration is mostly to blame. Chris Leishman will aim to expose the degree of truth of this view, and hopes to introduce some new, disruptive and challenging ideas as food for thought for researchers and politicians alike.


Dame Roma Mitchell Oration: Lauded and vilified: the highs and lows of leadership in human rights

9.30am - 10.20am | Saturday 14 July

In conversation with Dr Vincent, Professor Triggs will explore the human rights issues at the forefront during her term as President of the Human Rights Commission, as well as the highs and lows and the lessons learned. She will also reflect on the gendered nature of public shaming from this time in her leadership career.


Joy MacLennan Oration: The economic benefits of compassion: how South Australia can thrive

2pm - 2.50pm | Sunday 15 July

The recent closure of Holden in Adelaide’s north has had a significant impact on its community. Between the politics and pragmatism, many families have struggled. How does South Australia juggle crucial economic development with a caring and compassionate community? How do we progress whilst ensuring others aren’t left behind?