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Solo event,

Blockchain: beyond the hype

11am - 11.50am | Friday 13 July

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In conversation,

The radical ideas that created South Australia

11.30am - 12.20pm | Friday 13 July

Jeremy Bentham was an early advocate for universal suffrage, economic and religious freedom, gender equality, abolition of slavery, decriminalisation of homosexuality, and animal rights. Just before his death in 1832, he wrote an innovative proposal to establish South Australia. It was based on a public-private partnership involving free settlers.


AICSA Forum – A life in the arts: for love or money?

12pm - 1.30pm | Friday 13 July

If artists are true entrepreneurs, finding opportunities and securing investment and an audience for their work, why aren’t they valued more in our society? How can they build successful careers, become financially sustainable and be recognised for their contribution? Are artists pursuing their craft for love or for money?

Solo event,

How open innovation can deliver transformational change

1.30pm - 2.20pm | Friday 13 July

Whether you're in government, healthcare or enterprise, or with an NGO, Rob will share how open innovation, crowdsourcing and co-creation offer the ability to discover, evaluate and action the best ideas and insights from those whose experience can help your organisation to do things better – for your citizens, customers and partners.

Solo event,

Ethical enterprise and democratic business ownership models

2.30pm - 3.20pm | Friday 13 July

Ethical enterprise and democratic business ownership models shape who's at the wheel. Hear from SA's next Thinker in Residence. A leader in the co-operatives sector, Guy has received multiple awards for his role championing social enterprise in the disability and care sector in the UK.

Solo event,

Business as a force for good: myth or reality?

3.30pm - 4pm | Friday 13 July

Has capitalism served society? Can business breakthroughs go beyond tokenism and green-washing? Explore how business can be a force for long-term good and what it takes for enterprises to be purpose-driven, empowered and flourishing, while also competing to be the best for the world.