The future of media – is it all online

Date: 2:00 pm | Sunday 9 October 2011

Venue: Adelaide Town Hall

After the mantra of ‘constant change’ that characterised the neoliberal advances of the last two decades, we have entered an age of extreme political and economic uncertainty.

Given the way it has flowered on a gridwork of new technologies, is there anyway of planning the shape our media will now take? We are privileged to have been present at the birth of digital media, yet can we determine the path of its growth? In an age of unlimited informational traffic, what forms will the media take and what stories will it tell about who we are? What forms of reportage and accountability can we expect?

What ways can or should the media be regulated? How can plurality of ownership be guaranteed? Are national interests and questions of national identity at stake, or are they even relevant? Who will control what we can read, see, hear and know?


The future of media – is it all online

This session is proudly supported by KOJO and The Adelaide Review.

  • Wheelchair accessible