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    New technology, new visions

    When: Sunday 23 October at 3:45PM

    Speakers: Dr Fiona Kerr, Assoc Prof Karl Sammut, Daniel Squire

    New technology can be disruptive, enabling or, more likely, both. Here, leading technological innovators discuss the use of drones for research and exploration.


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    Catalysing collective intelligence

    When: Sunday 23 October at 2:30PM

    Speakers: Mark Beam

    How we can catalyse the collective intelligence required to address the unprecedented global challenges before us? The Buckminster Fuller Institute accelerates the development of solutions by encouraging participants to conceive and apply transformative strategies based on whole systems thinking, Nature’s fundamental principles, and an ethically driven worldview.


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    Reinvent, rediscover and have a voice

    When: Sunday 23 October at 12:45PM

    Speakers: Ivy Diegmann, Georgia Heath, Bernadette Schwerdt, Ted Setnikar

    What do startups, not-for-profits and baby boomers have in common? As the baby boomer generation moves into the next stage of life, getting older becomes disrupted. Retirement is out and people over 60 are running for president, creating new enterprises and taking on leading roles. For those who want to get involved, opportunity is on the horizon.

    Presented by: ACH GROUP

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    Joan of Arc

    When: Sunday 23 October at 11:15AM

    Speakers: Dr Ali Alizadeh

    Or how to be a revolutionary.
    Is the contemporary individual too caught up in the anxieties of identity to become a genuine agent of change and transformation? In a world smothered by individual interests and dominant ideology masquerading as ‘ethical’ and ‘communal’, the extraordinary Joan of Arc, a true radical, can teach us how to become revolutionaries.

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    Beyond the bricks & mortar

    When: Sunday 23 October at 10am

    Speakers: Rob Lachowicz

    Rethinking home as we age
    A fun and interactive journey beyond the bricks and mortar to rethink what home looks like as we age.


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    Intercultural futures

    When: Saturday 22 October at 4PM

    Speakers: Dr Amrita Malhi

    Australian identity in the Asian century.
    As Australia’s national interests become increasingly bound up with the future of Asia, it seems a good time to examine how comfortable we really are with cultural diversity. How do contemporary policies hold up as Australia becomes increasingly diverse, and more integrated in a transforming, region?

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    Thinking brains and bodies

    When: Saturday 22 October at 2:30PM

    Speakers: Scott Delahunta, Prof David Kirsch, Prof James Leach, Prof Kate Stevens, Zoe Dunwoodie, Kimball Wong

    Distributed cognition and dynamic memory in Australian Dance Theatre.
    Supported by an ARC Linkage Project, in 2014 a team of international researchers began a three-year investigation to understand the nature of distributed and dynamic thinking in dance by investigating creative processes, memory and expertise.


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    New lives for older people

    When: Saturday 22 October at 11:15AM

    Speakers: Dr Helen Barrie, Dr Victoria Cornell, Dr David Panter, Prof Karen Reynolds

    With people living longer than ever before, what are the opportunities and challenges as we age in the 21st century?

    Presented by: UNITCARE

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    Restorative justice

    When: Saturday 22 October at 10AM

    Speakers: Prof Rick Sarre

    A report card.
    Restorative justice mechanisms have been a formal part of the justice landscape in Australia for more than 20 years. What are they? Have they been successful? What does the future hold?

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