Posted: Thursday 5 July, 2018

2018 Adelaide Festival of Ideas – From the Chair

The Adelaide Festival of Ideas is an example of what can happen when passion is mobilised and shared. The 2018 AFoI is a rich offering of ideas and a testament to the generosity of spirit of so many speakers. Along with our many volunteers, we invite you to rug up, and be engaged and active citizens.

In a world where opinions are in over-supply – and sound-bites abound. We are bombarded with tweets and brain-farts of ever-more reductive simplicity! the AFoI provides the curious citizen with a menu of more substantial content. Over three days and evenings, as an audience member you can choose your thought-lines and enjoy mixing it up with some of the most interesting people.

To mix metaphors, the 2018 Adelaide Festival of Ideas presents a cornucopia of thinking aloud – a smorgasbord of delectable ways of looking at the world from the perspectives of creative imaginations from many areas of expertise.

Of course, to make a free event possible means that we rely on the contributions of cash and in-kind from dozens of great community and business supporters. Without this goodwill, the AFoI could not happen. It is these acts of civic pride, philanthropy and generosity that make this possible.

So – what’s the very best way for you to make this effort worthwhile? Come along and enjoy the stimuli!