Posted: Wednesday 20 June, 2018

Help us populate the AFoI archive

Here at AFoI headquarters we’re sitting on an incredible treasure trove – recordings of AFoI sessions going all the way back to 1999. There are around 450 recordings all up. This is more than 95% of all the sessions we’ve hosted but only around 50 recordings have made it on to our website so far. For the last year we’ve been determined to rectify this and share our archive with the world but life, day jobs and the 2018 Adelaide Festival of Ideas have all got in the way. We need some help!

There is so much valuable, insightful and simply marvellous content there, from thinkers including Naomi Klein, Malcolm Fraser, George Monbiot, Germaine Greer, Bob Brown, Gerard Henderson, James Lovelock and so many hundreds more.

We need a few good people to help with this work. It involves listening to recorded sessions, uploading them into our website (this one) and adding a little enriching information such as themes and the speakers involved.

If you see the value in this and would like to contribute, please get in touch. Email Nick Crowther, AFoI board member, and we can discuss this significant and fun project in more detail.