Six big ideas for social innovation

    When: Sunday 23 October at 3:45PM

    Speakers: Carolyn Curtis

    The Australian Centre for Social Innovation is a unique South Australian experiment to accelerate social progress by exploring new ways of tackling intractable social issues. Here, TACSI presents the big ideas driving their work in ageing, disability and child protection: think differently about home, open-sourced services, an intergenerational perspective on social problem solving, and peers as the new professionals.


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    Democratising history?

    When: Sunday 23 October at 2:30PM

    Speakers: Dr Nick Brodie

    What role does history play in Australian democracy? Who are its gatekeepers? Is the ivory tower besieged, in ruins, or projecting strength? Is the digital age heralding a new era of informed citizens? Are ‘twitterstorians’ a distraction? Can historians ever predict the future?

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    Links in the blockchain

    When: Sunday 23 October at 12:45PM

    Speakers: Mark Pesce, Michel Bauwens, Assoc Prof Ellie Rennie

    Blockchain technology is a whole new way of transacting the transfer of information. What will be the specific impacts of blockchain technologies on different fields such as education, health care, government and the commercial world?

    Presented by: Green Industries SA

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    Youth lead the change

    When: Sunday 23 October at 11:15AM

    Speakers: Shari Davis

    With the financial crisis of 2008 having seen youth unemployment rise to alarming levels, the City Government of Boston has taken a radical approach to youth engagement, not only asking young people what they want to happen in their city, but providing US$1 million for them to put towards capital projects they believe in.


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    Shifting from an extractive value regime to a (re-)generative value regime

    When: Sunday 23 October at 10am

    Speakers: Michel Bauwens

    We are in the final decades of a value regime based on unsustainable extraction of rare global resources. This is an unprecedented challenge in the history of our world, since previous crises were limited in geographic scope. Many question whether we can pull it off. But hundreds of thousands of productive communities are experimenting with the new ‘generative’ value regime. This report from the trenches may well represent the building blocks of a new sustainable world civilization.

    Presented by: GREEN INDUSTRIES SA

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    The future is workless

    When: Saturday 22 October at 4PM

    Speakers: Tim Dunlop

    A world without work as we know it could be a good thing. The landscape of work is changing, from the new share economy to automated vehicles, 3D printing and advanced AI. What will we do when robots take our jobs? The era of full-time work is ending and we have to stop holding out the false promise that jobs will reappear. So what does our future in the brave new world of non-work look like?

    This session was originally scheduled in the program for 5.15pm on Saturday 22 October in the Heizel Room; rescheduled during the Festival.

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    Roads to ruin, pathways to prosperity

    When: Saturday 22 October at 5:15PM

    Speakers: Prof John Spoehr

    South Australia came through the global financial crisis in much better shape than expected. We weathered the global economic storm but the high Australian dollar was a wrecking ball on manufacturing, and collapsing commodity prices ended the mining boom. Now we face closure of the automotive manufacturing industry and perhaps our steel industry. All this threatens to plunge South Australia into economic stagnation and rising unemployment. We know how to avoid this, but will we?

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    Resistance and persistence

    When: Saturday 22 October at 2:30PM

    Speakers: Dr Pallave Dasari, Prof Sarah Robertson, Prof Alex Brown, Prof Steve Wesselingh

    Will we ever see the end of disease? Can the social inequities in health ever be eliminated? If not, what does the future of medicine look like? What might ‘good health’ mean to the next generation?

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    The future

    When: Saturday 22 October at 12:45PM

    Speakers: Dr Fiona Kerr

    Will we shape or be shaped?
    Direct human connection is critical to fostering an empathic framework for building our thoughts, decisions, relationships, culture and society. How do we craft a future that maintains connections while leveraging technological advancement and ensuring the goals and uses of Artificial Intelligence remain human-centric?

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    Australia: beyond now

    When: Saturday 22 October at 11:15AM

    Speakers: Moira Deslandes

    A national invitation to co-imagine alternative futures.
    This initiative will ignite a conversation about our future. A collaboration between the University of South Australia and the Tingari-Silverton Foundation, it will invite Australians to explore and co-imagine the best possible future. It will ask the question: as a continent, a nation, and a people, who will we be in 2050?


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    Athenian Democracy

    When: Saturday 22 October at 10AM

    Speakers: Nicholas Gruen

    Could citizens’ juries and a citizen chamber be a simple solution to a complex problem? Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump have humiliated political elites. But we led the pack in 2013 when the elites in Australia’s Parliament humiliated themselves – abolishing carbon pricing when most parliamentarians understood the folly of doing so. Why? Because of the imperatives of political combat in our vox pop democracy. With the political-infotainment complex degrading representative politics, creating space for ordinary people to influence our politics at every level could see our democracy reborn.

    Due to technical problems, the audio recording for this session is not immediately available. We’ll aim to provide it post-festival, after some tlc.


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