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These events are all free to attend, however you may need to reserve tickets beforehand.

Special event,

AFoI Round Table Sessions

Session cancelled

2pm | Sunday 15 July

Back by popular demand, tickets for this event have just been released with limited places available. Don't miss your chance to have a chat, ask your burning questions and share a cuppa with one of our 6 hosts – South-East Asia historian Amrita Malhi, economist Nicholas Gruen, space physiologist Thomas Smith, social commentator Jane Caro, Professor of politics John Keane and technology entrepreneur Rob Wilmot (Crowdicity).

Solo event,

A 101 on Safe Schools

2pm - 2.50pm | Sunday 15 July

What is Safe Schools, exactly? How does it work? And should parents be concerned? In the quarterly essay Moral panic 101, Benjamin Law explores how and why concerns have arisen. He discusses why parents should be furious about Safe Schools – but not for the reasons they’ve been given.


Joy MacLennan Oration: The economic benefits of compassion: how South Australia can thrive

2pm - 2.50pm | Sunday 15 July

The recent closure of Holden in Adelaide’s north has had a significant impact on its community. Between the politics and pragmatism, many families have struggled. How does South Australia juggle crucial economic development with a caring and compassionate community? How do we progress whilst ensuring others aren’t left behind?

Solo event,

Understanding the impact of traumatic stress in modern society

2pm - 2.50pm | Sunday 15 July

There has been extraordinary progression since the 1970s towards recognising the effects of trauma. We now live in a world of identity politics in which the need for traumatised minorities to have a voice is accepted. Our challenge is to ensure that resilience is valued, while not devaluing victims.



2pm - 2.50pm | Sunday 15 July

You’ve heard from the experts. But who do YOU think is at the wheel? Let’s hear from a range of citizens who'll each have only five minutes to deliver their ideas. Expect this session to be punchy, provocative and challenging.


Are animals people or possessions?

3pm - 3.50pm | Sunday 15 July

The relationship between humans and animals has always been ambivalent. Often seen as companions, animals have at the same time been instrumentalised as beasts of burden and sources of food. Join our panel as they consider the evolving legal and social status of animals, from the French Revolution to the wars of the twentieth century.