2018 | Who’s at the wheel?

This is an exciting time to be alive, but it can be uncomfortable in the passenger seat. Industries are evolving, driven by the next generation of talent. Old rules are reworked by young minds, creating new ways of seeing, understanding and interacting across the globe. Yet many ideals remain distant. Surrounded by devices, we crave a moment to switch off, to stare out the window, to follow our own thoughts and dreams. Are we using the technology to serve our needs — or is it taking us for a ride? Where are these new roads heading and will we find our way home? Are we so distracted by visions of the future that we have forgotten to solve the problems of today? Will we still be able to preserve the fine art of being human? Before we give up our licence to Siri (or her grand designers), shouldn’t we ask who’s at the wheel?

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Back in the late 20th century, and long before social media, newsprint and free-to-air TV reigned supreme and Nokia was the hot brand in mobile telephony. The Year was 1998 when, as co-owner of Imprints Booksellers, I shared an idea with Arts Minister, Hon Diana Laidlaw MLC, who pledged immediate support and The Adelaide Festival of Ideas was conceived.

I rallied six other amazing women: Lord Mayor Dr Jane Lomax-Smith; Jude Munro, the first female CEO of City of Adelaide, and three female Vice Chancellors - Prof. Denise Bradley from University of South Australia, Prof. Anne Edwards from Flinders University, Prof. Mary O’Kane from the University of Adelaide, and Adelaide Writers’ Week Producer, Rose Wight. The sisterhood was powerful! Success has many midwives, and so it was that in 1999, the first Adelaide Festival of Ideas was born. Notable among others in the birthing ward were Phillip Adams, Morag Fraser, Robert Phiddian, Peter Sellars and Robyn Archer. Fast forward to 2018. Who’s at the Wheel? ART=IDEAS. On behalf of my fellow AFoI Board members, I invite you to join us as the sun rises in Adelaide’s west end and on the new AFoI. Enjoy this 2018 Adelaide Festival of Ideas. Make it your own!

Greg Mackie OAM
Founder & Chairman
Adelaide Festival of Ideas Inc.

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