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    Tipping points for success

    When: Sunday 23 October at 3:45PM

    Speakers: Daniels Langeberg, Max Toovey, Manal Younus

    Future economies will depend on the talents, energy and imagination of younger business people, entrepreneurs and agents of change. What are the tipping points that determine the success or failure of a new venture? How can a new generation successfully drive innovative enterprise in a pre-existing system?

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    Ageing well

    When: Sunday 23 October at 2:30PM

    Speakers: Dr Victoria Cornell, Gabrielle Kelly

    What do we really want?
    Most of us will get old; we may well become frail and socially isolated. But many will live long productive lives. So what do we want as we age? Lifestyle? Health? Community? Income? Who decides? Who should decide?

    Presented by: STATEWIDE SUPER

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    The case for nonsense

    When: Sunday 23 October at 12:45PM

    Speakers: Guildhouse

    A century ago, in Cabaret Voltaire, a subversive anti-art movement was founded in response to the devastation of what would be World War I. Dadaism used absurdity and irrationality to critique the unreasonable politics of the time. On Dada’s 100th anniversary, we embrace the irrational as productive political space.


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    Who’s leading our energy transition?

    When: Sunday 23 October at 11:15AM

    Speakers: Heather Smith

    clclimAround the world, a community energy revolution is underway. Citizens are having varied success in provoking change within the energy regimes of their countries. Energy companies, governments and regulators are operating under one paradigm while citizens demand another. South Australia is at a critical point in its transition to a renewable energy future but will it take a citizen-led uprising to get us where we need to go?

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    When: Saturday 22 October at 6.30PM

    Speakers: Dr Ali Alizadeh, Nick Drake, Ali Cobby Eckermann, Michael Mills, Karl Winda Telfer, Manal Younus

    For some of us home is a physical shelter, an asset, a source of comfort, identity and belonging. For others the scene of a crime, of nightmares and a point of no return. In changing times, with people on the move, displaced and disenfranchised, we ask the poets, the travellers, the story tellers to examine what home means to them and perhaps understand what it means for us all.

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    Thinking Adelaide

    When: Sunday 23 October at 10AM

    Speakers: Greg Mackie, Phillip Adams

    A passion for connecting and collecting.
    Greg was the inaugural recipient of the Jim Bettison and Helen James Foundation Award, given to an individual whose lifetime work is of significant value and benefit to the community. Greg will present his ideas for ‘Thinking Adelaide’, a global network of thought leaders and a city of collections.

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    Innovation in ageing

    When: Saturday 22 October at 2:30PM

    Speakers: Carolyn Curtis, Jane Mussared, Dr David Panter

    A world tour
    We take you on a virtual world tour, exploring some of the best innovations in ageing from around the globe.

    Whilst listening to the audio, you can click on these links to see some of the initiatives discussed:

    Money for Jam

    Babayaga’s House

    The Groundswell Project

    Moveable Houses


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    Solar Citizens launch

    When: Saturday 22 October at 1.30PM

    Solar Citizens is an independent community based organisation protecting and growing solar energy in Australia. In April 2016, they launched the Homegrown Power Plan, a comprehensive blueprint for re-powering Australia with 100% renewables by 2030. Solar Citizens will join us to celebrate their national campaign and the plan that has everyone so excited.

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    Smart money

    When: Saturday 22 October at 12.45PM

    Speakers: Mark Pesce

    One of Australia’s best known specialists in all things digital, Mark Pesce will provide a non-technical introduction to the blockchain. He then explores how blockchain will completely transform the economy – money and everything money touches – over the next twenty years.

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    Sustainable jobs in sustainable communities

    When: Saturday 22 October at 11:15AM

    Speakers: Heather Smith, Prof John Spoehr, Sean Williams

    A sustainable future means more than renewable energy and environmentally sound food production. How will citizens earn a living? Hi-tech jobs in a global digital work space? Looking after yourself in a local organic co-operative? Who will build the houses, fix the taps, keep track of the accounts? Will it be you? Will the robots take over? Will the value we place on time, money and possessions change?


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    The Orange Catastrophe

    When: Saturday 22 October at 10AM

    Speakers: Prof David Mabberley

    The world citrus industry could well collapse in the coming years. The history of the devastating disease responsible for this is explained in view of what this means for the sustainability of agricultural exports as well as native biodiversity in Australia on the one hand, and the frightening reliance of humanity on a minute range of the world’s plant resources on the other.

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    Presented by: BOTANIC GARDENS SA